Paulines at the 33rd Manila International Bookfair – Words Without Borders

Logo of the 33rd MIBF

Paulines Publishing House was one of the exhibitors at the biggest book fair in Asia, the 33rd Manila International Book Fair 2012 from September 12 to 16 at the SMX Convention Center, Pasay City. In spite of the advent of e-books and other gadgets, books continue to captivate the imagination of young and old alike and they came in hundreds of thousands.

The life of Pedro Calungsod who will be canonized on Oct 21, 2012
is now available in Filipino, English and Visaya (Booklet) and in audio drama (CD).

In preparation for the canonization of Pedro Calungsod, Paulines published a booklet on the life of the soon-to-be San Pedro de Cebu written by Fr Catalino Arevalo, SJ. It is available in English, Filipino and Visaya at PHP 50.00 only. An audio-drama was also produced by Paulines Radio and Paulines Audiovisual on CD in English and Filipino which proved to be, together with the books, hotcakes during the book fair. If you don’t have a copy yet, place your order now!

What a wonderful gift to the youth of our land,
at a time when our faith seeks to affirm the realities it believes in, in the face of the corrosion of unbelief
which the spirit of the times surrounds us with,
…what a wonderful gift to place before our eyes
the figure of the 18-year old Visayan youth, martyr of the faith!
Pedro Calungsod lives:
he inspires not only as a hero from the past,
but as one who stands before God
to pray for our Filipino young people today.
— Fr. C.G. Arevalo, SJ

365 Days with the Lord 2013 Special Edition for the 75th Jubilee Foundation
of the Daughters of St Paul in the Philippines

A special edition of 365 Days with the Lord for the diamond jubilee of the Daughters of St Paul in the Philippines took pride of place at the Paulines booth. It includes an introductory article presenting the history of the Congregation in the Philippines and the FSP jubilee logo in the back cover. This is an ideal gift for Christmas, so get your copies now. Available at PHP 260.00.

Millions of books from more than 200 publishers and exhibitors were sold during the 5-day book fair: textbooks, bibles, art books, books for children, novels, poetry, photography, etc. We pray that through the Pauline presence among the many words in the book fair the Word continues to inspire, guide, strengthen, challenge, comfort and correct God’s people. As the Primo Maestro said:

We were born of the Word, for the Word and in the Word.
We must see to it that all our books, films, transmission, recordings… will always be an extension, an echo, a radiation of the Gospel.


About rosefsp

I am a religious sister (yes, a nun!) from the Daughters of St Paul whose mission is to share the Good News. I love to read, write and take photos.
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5 Responses to Paulines at the 33rd Manila International Bookfair – Words Without Borders

  1. precyp says:

    Thanks Sr. Osang…..pls give my warm regards to the tireless Ms. Regine.. also to Odie… ( hope she will not forget her promise to me.. and to the latest FSP vocation… Peegee…. so cute.

  2. thanks Oseng…salamat din kay ms. regine…ang gaganda ninyo. thank God for the chance to present ourselves to the nation as a publisher…You really make great things! kudos! rica…

  3. edith says:

    Kuya, salamat. PG, laging sikat!

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