A new life, a new song, the same mission

The Voice – An original painting by Joey Velasco

Ten years ago, this month, I left the Philippines to work at the Secretariat on Communications of the FSP General House in Rome.  Little did I know then that my missionary adventure would stretch to four years in Rome and another 5 years in England. Now I am back to carry out the Pauline mission on my native soil.

Thanks to all of you who made the past 10 years an unforgettable decade of new experiences, learnings, challenges, growth, love and friendship, faith and hope, joys and pains. I am grateful to the Lord for the many wonderful people I have met and lived with, especially the different communities I became part of, and the marvelous Pauline Family whose international flavor and color I had the privilege to witness and experience.

We visited the gallery of the late Joey Velasco in Fairview last week and among the many paintings is the image above entitled The Voice. Jesus playing the guitar while two girls sang. As I gazed on the painting, I wondered: “Did Jesus pick the tune, or is he simply accompanying the girls’ song? Is this a performance? What is he trying to tell me?”

Are you strumming a new tune for me, Lord? You create the melody and play the accompaniment. Help me to sing with your tempo and your pitch. I need to render my voice and exert some effort to sing so that your song will be heard. May I sing with all my heart, so that together, we may fill whatever space you wish me to inhabit with our song of love.

I begin the golden years of my life with a new song, a new pace, melody, tempo, rhythm… but it is the same musician who looks at me, conscious of every inflection in my voice, each dip or breath… Thank you for playing the song of my heart which you yourself wrote there. My voice is your gift to me. The song of my life is my gift back to you.

And thanks to all of you for the birthday wishes, prayers, expressions of love and friendship. I keep all of you in my prayer of thanksgiving and praise.

I started this blog as a way of communicating with family and friends about my experiences in the mission. Now that I am back to our convent in Pasay, I am still wondering if I should continue with it. What do you think? Please let me know.


About rosefsp

I am a religious sister (yes, a nun!) from the Daughters of St Paul whose mission is to share the Good News. I love to read, write and take photos.
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22 Responses to A new life, a new song, the same mission

  1. Sr. Lorena V. Briones, FSP says:

    hi sr. oseng
    thanks for your heart-warming reflections!’hope you’ll continue this blog

  2. Norman (SSP) says:

    “Now that I am back to our convent in Pasay, I am still wondering if I should continue with it. What do you think? Please let me know.” It is your journey with God that you have shared in your writings in your mission, Ate that have inspired us far away. I believe it is now God’s new journey with you that must continually be written as part of a mission. You are the best person to write God’s journey. Will you accept his invitation to be His ink and pen?

    • rosefsp says:

      Thanks, Padre, for being a companion in my Roman journey… I’m happy that my scribblings have inspired others – how true that grace is something you cannot keep. It comes back when you give it away and multiplies! We’ll see how the new journey unfolds; am relying on your prayers.

  3. Sr. Samuella Aragon says:

    My belated Happy Birthday Sr.Rose.
    Come sei brava in your messages. I am happy for you. May God always love you.

  4. ay says:

    continue…it’s one way of evangelisation with your fellow netizens. tried to send you greetings on your birthday but it bounced so…here’s belated blessed birthday wishes for you…may the Lord continue to bless you with his countless blessings. tune in to him…ay

  5. shalimar says:

    Well, we will always be missionaries – at home or abroad. That is our calling as Daughters of St. Paul. Do continue with your beautiful and inspiring blog. I see “glimpses of grace in the ordinary” in your sharing. You have the gift of words that few people have. Thank you Sr. Oseng!

  6. teresita Espina says:

    Continue…your reflection helps me to treasure and behold God’s graciousness…ang gift ko ay hindi pa nadeliver…Tess

  7. Happy Birthday!!
    Thank you so much for the beautiful reflection, Rose! you always have a poet’s insight….
    I think you must continue your blog = for the friends you have made in your ten year journey who are also part of your “family”… a way to keep in touch.
    If blogging is like photography = I think it is as it is a word/skill communication = it must also bring good to the blogger ;-)) as you go through the discipline of thinking and putting into words, sharing … it is also like your painting above… a way of accompanying your friends/family.
    I will always be grateful for having had the time/opportunity to get to know you and to share wonderful times for the gospel and for spreading it through our mission … and for fun too!
    with love and a grateful heart, always xx

    • rosefsp says:

      Thanks for your greetings and your kind words.
      It’s true – sharing with you in this blog helps me to articulate my thoughts and sentiments, and challenges me to put into practice what I write. And the bonus is I stay connected with family and friends.
      Missing you and the beautiful times we had together… lots of happy memories.
      Stay well!

  8. Mga Kapatid mo (KL) says:

    We are indeed happy for you, dear! We hope you’ll continue the work that God has begun in you through your blog. Cheers!

  9. Clemence Mallete says:

    continue… the “lyrics” of the song of your life is indeed heart-warming

  10. Hello, Oseng! Belated Happy Birthday! As they say, “Better late than never!” I just came back to Madrid yesterday after my vacation with my brother and his family in Chicago.

    I am truly touched by your sharing coming from your poetic giftedness! Thanks and I hope to see and read more articles in your blog! All the best!

  11. precyp says:

    Belated happy birthday too… Thank you for sharing your heart with all of us… far and near.. Pls. don’t keep that heart for the Pasay Community only…. a Pauline’s life and heart is for everyone… gentile and jew, women and men… clergy and lay…. believers and unbelievers.

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