Books or ebooks?

In the spirit of my previous post, I’m fasting on TV and feasting on books. And in massive proportions :-)!

These are giant magazines at the Publishing Expo in Earls Court, London early this month (photos courtesy of MaryLou).
It ran alongside the Technology for Marketing and Advertising Expo and the Online Advertising & Affiliate Expo. The innovations in these  industries are simply amazing!

More companies are coming up with digital reading devices like Kindle and the IPad, and sale of e-books/digital editions are on the rise. Interactivity seems to be the key, and publishers need to create multichannel content in order to reach their ever-changing audience. There were free seminars and keynote speakers on the future of publishing, social media, mobile/email marketing and ecommerce, etc.  Very enriching indeed! And a great challenge for us who use the media to communicate the Good News.

I welcome these developments, and maybe I would actually enjoy using a Kindle (if I had one). I’ve read some ebooks using a web browser but nothing compares with the pleasure of the smell and touch of paper as I flick through the pages of a book.  As a child it was a comfort to sit in a corner and be transported to a different time and place.  What adventures and new worlds I discovered!

So, what about you? What is your preference? Check out the clip below and please vote!


About rosefsp

I am a religious sister (yes, a nun!) from the Daughters of St Paul whose mission is to share the Good News. I love to read, write and take photos.
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4 Responses to Books or ebooks?

  1. emel says:

    Brilliant Rose! I vote books too!!!
    very clever, very well done.
    Keep feasting (and fasting) x

  2. regine says:

    hi, great news, nice update. i too, am fond of books . . . nothing compares with reading and re-reading of literature . . . simply amazing

  3. santi carrido says:

    hi rose, thanks for this creative way to impart much more to readers. we need the brilliance found in books like truth, honesty and dignity.

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