Spring and the Middle East Uprising

The earth breaks. Tiny shoots brave their way out of the sleeping soil. Winter’s cold grip is loosening up. Spring has sprung!

Crocuses, daffodils and primroses gaily flaunt their colours brightening up the landscape and bring beauty, life, hope and gladness.

While I enjoy the early days of spring another springtime is unfolding on the world scene. The long-suffering people from the Arab world have broken out of the shackles of oppressive tyrants. The citizens of Tunisia, Egypt and hopefully also Libya, have toppled their dictators through peaceful protest, and for the most part non-violent means. We have heard their voices and seen their courage. America and the West have bolstered their rulers in power to ensure uninterrupted oil supply while the ordinary citizens remained unseen, unheard. Especially the women – veiled, silent, suffering and oppressed.

Not anymore. Like the daring but shy daffodil, their desire for freedom energized them to courageously stand together and make their voices heard. It was surprising to see women speaking aloud, raising their hands in protest and expressing their political views side by side with men.

Who would have thought of this a few months ago?

Yes, these are uncertain times. Some of us have relatives and loved ones working in these troubled countries. Jesus tells us not to worry and to trust him. With hope we accompany the Arab world’s baby steps towards democracy. Let us ask the Lord of life for a favourable climate so that the buds of true freedom may come to full bloom in this continent where he chose to become man.

Lord, grant us peace!


About rosefsp

I am a religious sister (yes, a nun!) from the Daughters of St Paul whose mission is to share the Good News. I love to read, write and take photos.
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