Diamonds everywhere!

Why would anyone go for a walk on a field (an empty one at that) in sub-zero temperature? Don’t ask me. I just felt compelled to do so yesterday morning. A lie-in would have been better, I thought. Ah, to snuggle under the covers on Sundays and simply luxuriate in the warmth and comfort of bed! Not this time.

I got up, opened the frozen gate (it was minus 2 degrees C) and wandered aimlessly. Halfway through the field, I did ask, “What’s up, JC?” As I breathed in the cold air, looked at the seagulls hovering above, a pheasant in red, blue, brown and gold coat flew overhead. What a beauty! It’s a shame I didn’t bring my camera. That’s it! A glimpse of colour in what seems to be a very bleak and cold, cold day. “Thank you, Lord,” I whispered and traced my way back.

With my senses fully awake I became aware of the crunch of frost-covered grass under my boots. I bent down and just then the sun came up, streaked through the clouds revealing diamonds everywhere. I was transfixed! My eyes feasted on this spectacle and saw with another pair of eyes the past year in a flash. It has been strewn with diamonds but I was oblivious to them.

So many graces – people, places, experiences, challenges and even failures and problems. All these are diamonds! Gratitude welled up in my heart and at the same time remorse. How many missed opportunities for growth, joy, love! How much time wasted in petty concerns and the ego!

Don’t you sometimes get caught up in work, projects and plans that everything (and everyone) else takes second place? It is easy to get lost and be carried away by the desire to accomplish something even for a noble and good cause. We forget St Paul’s teaching: “He who calls you will do it (keep your  whole being, spirit, soul and body faultless) because he is faithful.” Yes, he is the one doing it all along. Why do I act as if everything depended on me?

I’ve never owned a jewel in my entire life. Who cares when there are diamonds everywhere? I only have to stop, look and listen to enjoy them. This is my advent call. What’s yours?

With Basil Hume’s reflection/prayer I wish you a fruitful Advent journey.

Every year at this time
we are asked to escape
from the tumult of our hearts
to put aside our weighty cares
to leave our wearisome toil
to enter for a while
into the inner chamber
of our souls
to listen
to God’s Word.

The Word
calling us through the mist
of ignorance and apathy
to be silent
to listen to the sound of stillness
and to see
in the Child born of Mary
the WORD
who became flesh.


About rosefsp

I am a religious sister (yes, a nun!) from the Daughters of St Paul whose mission is to share the Good News. I love to read, write and take photos.
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10 Responses to Diamonds everywhere!

  1. shirley says:

    Thanks, Oseng! Beautiful! Wish I could see the image you attached. DOn’t know why, it doesn’t appear on my screen even after I have refleshed it several times.

    • rosefsp says:

      You’re welcome, Shirl. I copied it from another site – maybe there are restrictions. I do see it from my end. I’ll try and find another one. Sayang talaga, hindi ko dala ang camera!

  2. emel says:

    Salamat sa iyo para sa mga shared inspirasyon! Sumasang-ayon ako, ito ay lahat ng tungkol sa pag-aaral ng isang bagong paraan ng paningin, o pagpapaalam JC buksan ang aming mga mata! Panatilihin ang pagpunta – l ibig na ito! Wish ko ay maaaring bilang bilang ikaw ay para sa pagpapahayag ng kagandahan sa salita.

  3. anne Ishikawa says:

    I did that the other day while feeding the bird and the sea gulls at my local nature reserve and up until I had I felt fed-up and tearfully. I was having a bad day but it was amazing the power of the birds fluttering very close to the point i felt their wind from their wing made me see that I was blessed and reminded me about the Holy Spirit and I thank GOD for it in the car on the way back!

    I often find nature can bring us very close to God and is often for me a great reminder of just how much my faith and God mean to me and how love is the key to everything!

    Thanks for the reminder Sr R I needed to think about that right now 🙂

    • rosefsp says:

      You’re welcome!
      We do have a good variety of birds here in the garden but I’d love to go bird watching in a nature reserve. Maybe we can go together?

  4. Nemsky says:

    Hi Oseng, thanks for the beautiful reflection “ramdam” ko ‘ted! Wow!
    Wishing you a fruitful Advent Season.


    • rosefsp says:

      Salamat din sa comments. Malamig din ba diyan? We had snow this morning, and they say temperatures today will be -7. Brrrrrrrrrrrr!

  5. lil says:

    hi Rose, maganda at very enriching. salamat. how are you now? it must be very cold now over there, samantalang dito sa sudan (south sudan especialy) sobrang init. wishing you the best esp. during this time of advent. by the way here in south sudan, di pa gaano ka-feel and season of advent and maybe also christmas, kasi people are still in their process of adjestmen after so many years of civil war, and now there are preparing for the referendum, whether to remain one with the north or be independent as another country from the north sudan. please pray fro our people here and for peace. referendum will take place on 9th january. they (the southerners will have to choose for their own future-which they said they want to be free in their own country. so long and again thanks for the beautiful message.

  6. Lou says:

    Hi Sr. Oseng,
    Thanks for the diamonds!
    D2 sa naga marami ring jewels na mapupulot!
    Advance merry christmas!

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