Have you ever sat under a tree and noticed gossamer silver threads on the grass glistening in the sun? Anywhere else, especially in corners, ceilings, under furniture or behind doors, these are nothing but untidy cobwebs that need clearing. Yes, this masterpiece of spiders to trap their prey reflects the brilliance of the early morning sun in such an unexpected way. I immediately took my camera (see the header) to capture so many jewels stringed in silver! I was just drawn to stare and look and listen.

How many of us are really happy for who we are? Many times I am not. If only I were… How I wish I could be more … The humble cobwebs shimmer in the breeze and tell me, “I may be unsightly to some, but it is through (not in spite of) my silken threads that I reflect light.” God knows more than anyone what I am made of. In the words of the Secret of Success, we are “very weak, incapable and inadequate in every way.” But if like cobwebs I spend some moments in the sun – in the light of Christ, I may, no matter how faint or temporary, reflect his glory shining through me.

It was this reflection that finally convinced me to re-start blogging after much hesitation and resistance. I hope this space may be an avenue to share with you God’s blessings and help me keep in touch with many friends, family and relatives whom I am rediscovering through another web – the online community.

I didn’t get the cobwebs on this one, but the dewdrop was just irresistible.


About rosefsp

I am a religious sister (yes, a nun!) from the Daughters of St Paul whose mission is to share the Good News. I love to read, write and take photos.
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12 Responses to Cobwebs

  1. mel says:

    great madre! be back! paalis ngayon eh hehehe. tnx for sharing your giftedness. luv u!

  2. Lin,FSP says:

    Hi, Sr. Oseng…beautiful, wonderful shots and reflections of yours! thanks for sharing ^_^

  3. clems says:

    deep reflections in the graces of the ordinary! Truly, I find glimmers of God’s graces.

    • rosefsp says:

      Thank you, everyone, for all your comments – I do appreciate your feedback. You might like to share here your own glimpses of grace.
      I’ll try to blog at least once a week, so if you want to be updated, kindly subscribe.

      • cypress says:

        thanks much for all the sharing. I like your Cobwebs…. this reminded me of something related… www means not the usual one used in the internet (world wide web)… but weaving webs of worship…. we are connected where ever we are. We are family. And it is so good to think that way. We are never alone. The spider immediately reconnects the broken web and he will not leave his site no matter what.

        • rosefsp says:

          You’re welcome and thank you – Weaving webs of worship is beautiful, never thought of that!
          And scientists say the tensile strength of what appears to be a fragile web is enormous – stronger than steel!
          Isn’t God amazing?

  4. emeL says:

    Es domāju, ka tu gatavojas blog reizi nedēļā …. Jūs esat mazliet pārspīlēt, bet tas ir ok. Ir lieliska diena un saglabāt mīlošs un dziedāšanas un dejošanas!

  5. Leng, fsp says:

    First time for me to enter and WOW! Thanks for sharing, it’s nice to hear from the perspective of a pilgrim than just the journalist.

  6. shalimar says:

    Ciao Sr. Rose, I love your musings on the cobwebs. Great blog you have here. Hey, why don’t you compile all these musings of yours and publish them later on. You’re a very talented writer. You have a way with words that makes the reader seem present in those moments you’re sharing. How wonderful God’s work is in you!

    • rosefsp says:

      Ciao, cara! Come va?
      Salamat sa Diyos, salamat sa iyo. Nakakataba naman ng puso ang comments mo. Nagsisimula pa lang ako ulit mag-blog kasi… never mind, I believe the inspirations Jesus gives are meant not just for me but for more people. Siguro kung si Tatay Pablo ay buhay, may podcast at videocast din siya…

  7. tina,fsp says:

    Thanks a lot Sr. Rose! Ang ganda ng blog mo. Inspiring not only your reflections but also the pictures.. Great shots. Thanks for sharing. God bless!

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